Birdtank Productions has worked to bring entertaining narrative films and educational documentaries to our viewers. Several of our productions have been shown in film festivals and are currently seeking distribution.

Currently in production, Save A Life details the history and movements currently being taken against the FDA's MSM Blood Ban, which regulates that all gay men are prohibited from donating blood and vital organs.


This law was instated to protect the lives of hemopheliacs during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s world wide, and has in the past few years been revoked, altered, or lifted in multiple countries around the world.  As we speak with professionals in the medical field, we search for answers as to why this ban has not been properly reviewed in the United States, and witness those whom have been personally victimized and in some cases, lost the lives of their loved ones due to the sheer fact that gay men are not allowed to donate.  Save A Life is expected to be released in 2014.



In Passing is a short film that was created for the 2010 Rhode Island 48 Hour Film Competition.  With a team of outstanding actors, in with only 48 hours to create a script, rehearse, shoot, edit, and deliver the final product, our team was able to accomplish an amazing film.


Meet the Muldari family, a crazed and disfunctional family that are brought together after so long to mourn the loss of a loved one.  But as we meet each of the family members one by one through conversations, the audience starts to question... Who Died?


Starring: J Gulinello, Mike DeMello, Nicole Boucher, Becca Laferriere, Alexandra Salisbury.  Directed by Jordan Burbank.

Not For Sale is a short documentary that goes in depth into the story of the New London v. Kelo Supreme Court case.  The film follows several of the families whom had their homes forcefully seized by the state through eminent domain and their property given to a private corporation in an attempt to revitalize the community.


The result was a lengthly trial that fell in favor of New London.  Years later, the properties that were seized have either been partially dismantled or have completely fallen in disrepair.


Directed and Edited by Elias Nousiopoulos.

A modern day telling of the story of mighty Thor and his dear friend Loki. As they set off to save his hammer from certain doom.


Thor is a gaming nerd living in the big city, but one day his high score on the hit game "Zombie Bride 3" is hacked and deleted.  Thus he seeks the advice of his best friend Loki, and the two of them start off on an adventure to seek out those whom have taken his H.A.M.M.E.R. (highest accumulated marriage massacre elimination record.) and bring them to justice.  But Thor winds up learning a valuable lesson on what might be really important in life.


Starring: Jeremy Frutkin, Steve Sharkey, Adriana DeGirolami, and Rosemary Howard.  Directed by Jordan Burbank.

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